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Upcoming Student Events


November 15

Climate Reality | 12:30PM

Climate Change is real and it is severely impacting our world. Have you felt the impacts? Are you prepared to change? What can we do, and how quickly we do we have to move? 

Susan Lindsay is a Project Manager with Climate Change Connection, and a graduate of the University of Manitoba. She spent several years working across the world and has now spent over 10 years talking to Manitobans about climate change. She is a cyclist, transit rider, eco-mom, and can be found supporting local community action.

November 17

MSCSA's 2nd Annual Common Unity Speaker Series | 6:30PM

MSCSA invites us to explore identity and solidarity at this year’s Common Unity Speaker Series event.

Speakers include: Shahina Siddiqui - Islamic Social Services Association; Robert Christmas - Winnipeg Police, Author; James Favel - Bear Clan Patrol; Saad Khan - Global College Professor; Jodi Dueck-Read - Menno Simons College Professor; Jon Henderson - Menno Simons College Student

You won’t want to miss this event!

November 22

Film Screening | 12:00P-1:30PM 

For RJ week, MSC is hosting a screening of the film "Highway 45" by Ervin Chartrand. 

Synopsis: 16 years after RCMP officer Dennis Strongquill was brutally gunned down in Russell, Manitoba, the impact of his death is shared by family and friends close to him, who reflect on how this fateful night shaped their lives in the years that followed, and who embark upon a path of reconciliation with his killer and towards an acceptance of the terrible tragedy that took one of their own.

November 28

IDS Honours Thesis Presentations | 2:30PM-5:15PM | 1MS16

Come hear IDS Honours students as they present their research!

Bryce Gallant—Environmental Justice in India: A Gender Analysis of National Green Tribunal Decisions
Isidora Draskovic—Financial Exclusion and Financial Capability of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Australia
Tyler Loewen—Industrial Development and Common Property Re-sources in India: A Case Study
Hayley Cressall—Local Organizations in Humanitarian Interventions to Create a Pathway from Conflict to Development in Mali
Samantha Therrien—Community Based Ecotourism in the Yucatan Peninsula: Exploring Participatory Processes to Facilitate Protection of the Natural and Cultural Environments

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