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The Menno Simons College Student Association (MSCSA) acts as a member of The University of Winnipeg and wider community by:

The MSCSA is also a place for discussion and input so that student interests can be conveyed through appropriate channels. Come out and get involved!

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Our Mission

The MSCSA aims to further the mission of Menno Simons College by helping students integrate learning and action through participation in activities related to peace, social justice and development.

The MSCSA strives to build a learning community among students, staff and faculty at the College as well as provide a student voice at the College and at the universities to which it is connected.

Elected Representatives

The elected representatives for 2016–2017 are:


All students enrolled in courses at Menno Simons College automatically become members of the MSCSA. No membership fee is required but we ask that students sign a membership form to release their contact information.

The MSCSA holds general meetings throughout the school year in order to engage students in upcoming events and to discuss issues arising out of the MSCSA coordinating committee's meetings.


The day and time of the MSCSA meetings will be finalized prior to the start of classes. All MSC students are invited to attend the meetings and get involved with the MSCSA! Meetings are approximately one hour long.


Download the MSCSA Constitution


This group of faith and secular community members organized in June 2014 to bring 3 families (6 adults, 18 children) of Syrian refugees to Winnipeg. It is working with Westworth United Church and the United Church of Canada, a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) with the government of Canada.

The MSCSA wants to help these families adjust to life in Canada! We thought we would focus on something we can ALL relate to... school supplies! There are 18 kids in these families and they are all going to need to get settled into school. Let’s make that easier for them by donating school supplies: pencils, pens, notebooks, crayons, calculators, anything you can remember from the good ol’ days of elementary and junior high. We will be collecting donations in the MSCSA office in the student lounge.

Let’s help these families as they get used to Canada and their new homes. Feel free to contact any of the MSCSA members for more information!