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Karen Ridd

Instructor in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies

Karen  Ridd


Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies





MSC 227

Karen Ridd (M.A. Peace and Justice: Governor-General's Gold Medal) has been effectively using alternative teaching methodology while teaching in the Conflict Resolution Studies programme for the last 16 years. Karen is a mediator, facilitator, teacher and public speaker with over 25 years of experience as a conflict resolution practitioner. In the 1980s Karen worked as a human rights volunteer in war zones in Central America with Peace Brigades International. Her work there was recognized with the 1992 Governor-General's Award: Government of Canada 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation Medal, the 1990 Canada YM/YWCA Canada Peace Medal and the 1989 Manitoba International Human Rights Achievement Award. Karen is also an associate of Training for Change (Philadelphia) and Mediation Services (Winnipeg). Karen has worked extensively with communities in international settings, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Cambodia, Thailand, First Nations Territories, the United States and Colombia. More recently, Karen has been in demand (Dawson College Montreal, Queen's College City University of New York) as a consultant on the effective use of participatory education in the University classroom. Karen's passions include her family (husband Gord, sons Daniel and Ben), theatre (producing, directing and acting), and social justice.

Areas of Teaching

Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies, Nonviolent Action for Social Change, History and Strategies of Effective Nonviolence, Conflict Theory and Analysis, Conflict and Culture


MA (Peace and Justice Studies)

Work in Detail


Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies

Peace and Conflict Transformation - Interpersonal and Communal Contexts

Peace and Conflict Transformation - Global Contexts

Conflict and Culture

Conflict Theory and Analysis

History and Strategies of Effective Nonviolence

Nonviolent Action for Social Change

Voluntary Simplicity



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Member at Large, Peace and Justice Studies Association Board

Assistant Director - Such Stuff Players (youth theatre company)

Co-Producer - Knavish Hedgehogs (youth theatre company for the Fringe)

Volunteer Teacher - Winnipeg Learning Centre

Manager - Phoenix Soccer Club

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