Jonathan M. Sears

Associate Dean, Menno Simons College
Associate Professor of International Development Studies (@UW)
Affiliate Faculty of Political Studies (@CMU)

Jonathan M. Sears


International Development Studies (@UWinnipeg)
MA Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development (@CMU)
Political Studies (@CMU)






MS114, 520 Portage Ave.

As Associate Dean of Menno Simons College (MSC), Jon Sears supports the operation of  Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) programs affiliated with the University of Winnipeg: Conflict Resolution Studies (CRS) and International Development Studies (IDS).

Jon approaches International Development Studies and Comparative Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa in English, et en Français from a multi-disciplinary background in political studies, philosophy, and anthropology.

Areas of Teaching

Development: Ethics, Aid Policies, Development Theory, African Politics, Political Theory,


PhD, Political Studies, Queens University (Kingston, ON), 2007; MA, Political Philosophy, Brock University (St. Catharines, ON), 1999; BA, Honours Anthropology, Saint Thomas University (Fredericton, NB), 1994

Work in Detail


Menno Simons College Campus

Current | Upcoming

  • Development Aid Policy and Practice (next: Fall 2022)
  • Introduction to International Development Studies (next: Winter 2023)


  • Development Ethics
  • Senior Seminar in IDS | MA PCD Seminar in Social Change: IDS
  • Regional Development Issues: West African Sahel
  • Development Theory
  • Honours IDS Thesis
  • Crisis, Humanitarian Aid, and Development
  • Conflict and Construction of the Other (Conflict Resolution Studies & IDS)

CMU Shaftesbury Campus

  • Global Politics (next: Fall 2022)
  • Comparative Politics of Development: Africa
  • Gender and Politics        
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • MA PCD Seminar in Social Change: IDS


Jon seeks to place events in Mali and Sahelian Africa in historical and cultural context as the focus of recent writing, and as part of ongoing investigation of how citizen identity in African contexts is rooted in multiple cultures, and how these political cultures are affected by responses by individuals and groups to economic and political liberalization, and post-conflict peaceabuildng at the interface of international and national actors and institutions.

Related are Jon's other research engagements and projects,



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