Ruth Rempel

Associate Professor of International Development Studies

Ruth Rempel


International Development Studies







Ruth Rempel joined the IDS program in 2000. She teaches courses in African development, disaster response, and the history of development. She enjoys working with students in the introductory course and fourth year students doing the senior seminar and honours courses.   

Ruth has a PhD in Modern African History from the University of Toronto, where she also studied world history, economic development, and comparative literature. The history of development is her academic passion and the focus of her research. She is working on a history of development in Africa since 1970, and starting to research the way development ideas and practices evolve in networks.

Blending practical experience with study and reflection is important for people who work in development, Ruth believes. Her own field experience was mostly in East Africa, including three years teaching at a teacher training college for women in rural Uganda. She also spent a decade advocating for better solutions to the international debt crisis as a volunteer with the Inter-Church Coalition on Africa. Ruth does volunteer work at a community development organization in her downtown Winnipeg neighbourhood, as well.  

In her spare time Ruth is a seamstress, swimmer, gardener, and experimental cook. She also writes poetry, does art, and reads a lot of science fiction.

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International Development Studies


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